Drinking Water

Still & Sparkling Bottled Water

Using the latest in purification technology, Poseidon Water is uniquely tailored to offer the finest quality water, which is bottled ‘in house’ using glass bottles of the highest European standards. Once our clients make the environmentally conscious decision to reduce their carbon footprint this will show on their bottom line profit

Rental System 

We provide all equipment and monthly servicing including:

  • The complete dispenser system with full RO filtration system
  • Designer glass bottles
  • Dishwasher crates
  • Delivery crates
  • Staff training
  • Replacement filters
  • Weekly servicing
  • Custom label bottles

Drinking Water Dispensers

Built-in reverse Osmosis Purifier (ROP) • Self filling with PUC water connection • Instant hot, chilled and room temperature drinking water • Safety mechanism on hot water to prevent accidents • ‘Green’ impact on the environment by eliminating the use of plastic bottles

Rental Benefits

  • No capital outlay
  • No cost to client 
  • Exchange guarentee
  • Filter changes included