Water Treatment

NU Pure Pool

Environmentally friendly • Non-toxic, odourless and tasteless • Eliminates any irritations to eyes, skin or ear infections • Adds therapeutic value • Prevents the spreading of water borne diseases • Reduces the run time of pool pumps and motors saving you money from day one • Monthly dosing instead of daily • Water quality meets the SABS drinking water standards • Clears and maintains pumps and pipes of any Bio Film • Water is re-usable and 100% safe for the environment • Zero evaporation of Tropical Pool Solution • Not effected by temperature • Pools can be used during dosing • Removes all Algae, Coliform, Calcium and Bacteria from the Water • Increases the lifespan of pumps and motors

Nu Bio Sewer

Where is it needed?

Industrial waste water applications • Fruit processing effluent • Meat processing effluent • Municipal effluent • Polluted open water systems • Tannery Effluent • Domestic Effluent

PuresanBio Sewer – high concentration microbial waste water treatment

• Natural biological high potency waste water treatment additive
• Contains no pathogens or harmful toxins or chemicals
• Contains a full spectrum of microbial organisms specifically selected to treat all forms of organic waste
• Contains no less than 8 million viable organisms per ml
• Effective in both oxygen rich environments as well as oxygen deprived environments

How is it used?

A full water analysis will indicate the correct dosage but as a general guideline we use 1L of Bio Sewer to every 50,000L of waste water coming in.

Automatic Dosing