STP Plants

STP Plants by Miranda

Miracell® is a fully automatic Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) wastewater treatment system. A unique feature allows the disks connected to a shaft to rotate at a very low speed by means of a motor which is equipped with a reduction gear. The system is designed such that 40% of the disks remain submerged in the wastewater. The disks which first submerge in the wastewater are then contacted with air. As a result of this repetitive process, organisms accumulate on the disks in the course of time. These organisms receive the necessary oxygen from the air during the rotation of the disks, consume the pollutants existing in the wastewater and convert them to carbon dioxide and water in a totally natural way. The

Miracell® which operates on the RBC principle has many advantages over other package wastewater treatment systems that operate on the activated sludge principle. With conventional activated sludge systems a constant flow of air needs to be pumped through aerators by blowers in order to stimulate bacterial growth. Whereas with the Miracell® system, the bacteria are able to receive the necessary air naturally through the atmosphere.

By design Miracell® has the ability to decrease its capacity in times of ower flow rates via bypassing unused compartments and routing wastewater to the last modular unit to conserve energy costs. Another important feature is the ability to increase capacity by simply adding disks or modular compartments.

The treated water which is discharged from the Miracell® is guaranteed for the most stringent discharge standards and either may be used as irrigation water, or directly discharged into a lake, stream, ocean or other body of water.

Case Study

Robinson Club Maldives – Case Study for Miranda STP System

Hotel Design Data

Number of Guestrooms
Total Population
Water Usage for Capita
Daily Wastewater Flowrate
The Quality of Treated Water
Water Supply
Area to be Irrigated (est.)


: 250
: 500 people
: 400 lt/person
: 200 m3/day
: Irrigation
: Desalination
: 20.000 m2

The property achieved a 30% energy saving using the Miranda STP System resulting in the ROI being under 3 years

In the majority of resorts and hotels wastewater is simply discharged...

Operational Advantages

• Miracell is simple to operate
• Requires a short 1 day training
• Requires minimal maintenance by any person
• System start-up to produce satisfactory treated water within 2 weeks after installation
• Easy sludge disposal at comfortable frequency
• System can be serviced by Miranda through local representatives or any trained technical maintenance team servicing the hotel facilities


Miranda’s Miracell Sewage Treatment System complements the hotel infrastructure by:

• Assisting the hotel to conserve water
• Save significant amounts from the annual water expenditures
• MIRACELL sewage treatment plants are made from composites and do not corrode
• Miracell sewage treatment are lightweight and have a life span of over 15 years.

R/OCELL Reverse Osmosis Systems

Miranda provides drinking and utility water solutions for all needs and capacities through its R/OCELL line of Reverse Osmosis Systems which apply leading edge technologies.

Miranda is your solution partner in reverse osmosis systems for applications in sea water (desalination), brackish and well water filtration by offering custom design, manufacturing and customer satisfaction guarantees.

Miranda can also provide containerised and climatized solutions for site camps or where mobility / reapplication at a different site is required.